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“And lower unto them the wing of submission and humility through mercy, and say: ‘My Lord! Bestow on them Your Mercy as they did bring me up when I was small.’” (Quran 17:24)

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RehmaCare Values:


To deliver care and services that is culturally diverse using a Person and Family Centered Care Model of Excellence.


Our statement is inspired from the Arabic word REHMA (“Compassion”), verse 17:24; “My Lord! Bestow on them Your Mercy/Compassion as they did bring me up when I was small.” RehmaCare means Compassionate care - of our elders based on core Islamic values.

RehmaCare Values:

REHMA: We employ active compassion, mercy, kindness, consideration, and respect for our elders from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

EMPOWERED LEADERSHIP AND INNOVATION: We deliver exceptional care by grooming professional, compassionate leaders through self-reflection and reflective practice, and who are committed to ongoing improvement, growth and development.

HOLISTIC CARE: We are committed to the person-and-family-centered model, as demonstrated in the 5 pillars of our guiding principles outlined below.

MUSLIM DIVERSITY AND IDENTITY: We cherish and respect the emotional, spiritual, cultural, linguistic, medical and physical health of our elders who come from diverse cultures, so as to help them live healthier, happier and fulfilling lives. We nurture their ability to practice an Islamic lifestyle and to celebrate their Islamic identity.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We are accountable to our elders, their families, community partners, governing agencies, regulatory bodies – and ultimately to Allah, our Lord.

Guiding Principles of RehmaCare:

The 5 Pillars of our Resident and Family-Centered Care Model:

  1. Resident/family preferences:
    1. Treating our elders and their families with respect in a manner that maintains their dignity and demonstrates sensitivity to their cultural values and expressed needs.
    2. Engaging our elders and their families with decision making.
    3. Focusing on quality of life for our elders.
  2. Family, friends, community engagement and support:
    1. Acknowledging and respecting the roles of family, friends and the community.
    2. Respecting, supporting and recognizing individual Muslim needs, as well as the diverse multicultural needs of our elders.
  3. Emotional and physical support:
    1. The psychological, spiritual and social needs of our elders.
    2. Helping to alleviate fear, anxiety and the impact of their illness on our elders and their family, and any other identified limitations with their values and beliefs and spirituality.
  4. Accessibility:
    1. Full accessibility for our elders to quality, respectful, compassionate care, services, information, and education, irrespective of their culture or faith.
  5. Continuity and transition to care:
Access and availability for our respected elders to transition to multiple settings and to access specialty services as needed.

Invest in RehmaCare

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Why invest with RehmaCare?

  • Over 50 years of collective experience in the industry
  • RehmaCare vision implementation
  • Maintenance of operational quality efficiency and effectiveness through development of Islamic programs and timely issue resolution with management company
  • Maximize returns through timely review of management company's performance and taking action to eliminate deviations from operating budgets
  • About RehmaCare

    RehmaCare strives for excellence in the delivery of care and services to meet the diverse needs of our aging population based on Islamic culture and values.

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    Rehma comes from the Arabic word meaning compassion, hence - "Compassionate Care".


    We are planning to build brand new LTCHs across Ontario.

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